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Open broadcaster software record skype video

Apr 29, Hey, all! I thought this can be done but somehow I have an issue here. So here is my setup I set 3 scenes in obs: 1. my webcam (video recording. Apr 20, Yesterday i was recording with a friend a game but when i finish i realized that OBS didnt record my friend voice he was talking trough skype. Dec 8, Seeing that I don't have a webcam at the moment (coming on tuesday) I have been trying to show a video call to myself on the live stream. Just the simple image that you can see in the corner when I play WoW/other games. How do I add a skype video call and make it visible? I can't seem to even find how.

Feb 17, Hey guys, I've been recording myself for YouTube for awhile with no issues. Now I want to try something else and that's a co-player recording between. Dec 29, This is preventing me from sharing video with others and I find it quite annoying and after a while, very frustrating. If developers of OBS can work on this, and finish it, that would make me a very happy person. If this was to be achieved I would just like to request that you can show live video of your gameplay. Apr 25, What's the best way to use OBS Studio for Skype video chat? I tried ManyCam, but it doesn't screen capture per application, but all layers.

Nov 24, I suppose Start up OBS Studio and then Skype or Google Hangouts or whatever video chat program you use. Start a call with your co-op gaming partner (s). In OBS Studio while showing the appropriate scene you want to add your friend's web cam footage to, add a new source -> “Window Capture”.



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