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This thesis in Creative and Critical Writing comprises two parts. The novel, Mrs. Hemingway, is an exploration of the lives of the Hemingway wives: Hadley Richardson,. Pauline Pfeiffer, Martha Gellhorn and Mary Welsh. Set in the last weeks of each marriage, from bohemian Antibes to pre-war Key West, Liberation Paris to. The complete short stories of Ernest Hemingway / Ernest. Hemingway.—Finca Vigía ed. p. cm. I. Title. PSE37A15 ′—dc20 CIP The Revolutionist. Mr. and Mrs. Elliot. Cat in the Rain. Out of Season. Cross- Country Snow. My Old Man. Big Two-Hearted River: Part I. Big Two-Hearted River: Part. SELECTED LEITERS. THE ENDURING HEMINGWAY. THE NICK ADAMS ' STORIES. ISLANDS IN THE STREAM. THE FIFTH COLUMN AND FOUR STORIES OF THE SPANISH CIVIL WAR. BY-LINE: ERNEST HEMINGWAY. A MOVEABLE FEAST. THREE NOVELS. THE SNOWS OF KILIMANjARO AND OTHER STORIES.

4 Jul We went into the restaurant, passed Madame Lavigne at the desk and into a little room. Georgette cheered up a little under the food. "It isn't bad here," she said. "It isn't chic, but the food is all right." "Better than you eat in Liège." "Brussels, you mean." We had another bottle of wine and Georgette made a. Naomi Wood's precise language, haunting in its emotional accuracy, marks each one of the four monologues that comprise Mrs. Hemingway. Here, Hadley stumbles through her knowledge of Pauline Pfeiffer and Ernest Hemingway's affair, grounded as they are in the Fitzgeralds' rental villa so that little Bumby's exposure to. 18 Dec Hemingway. But of all the Russians--Dostoevsky, Tolstoy, Chekhov, Gogol-- there was one who held his critical attention first and longest. The writer was Ivan Turgenev, author of the novel Madame Bovary, along with the influence he had on both his peers and later writers, particularly Maupassant.

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