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Drown minecraft underwater survival map download

Drown minecraft underwater survival map

I'm currently working on Survival Drown 3 A.K.A. Survival Drown Reloaded! I'm been working on this for a good time now. The map will include: Command Blocks, and other features! This build has been going on for about years now! Hopefully if all things plan out right this should be released soon. 20 May This is your classic survival map, you can do whatever you want, Water Monuments; Additional Domes to explore-(currently 8 in Overworld, 1 in Nether); Mine shafts-(slightly more common than vanilla); Lava lakes; An Underwater Village of Doom!- I can't just swim because it is to dark and i drown. 10 May Map Info: Your submarine has broken down and all you have are the tools from your survival kit to stay alive. Playing tactically and using your Make a water breathing potion; Craft an enchanted golden apple; Make an underwater glass tree dome (The tree needs to be able to grow inside of it); Revive two.

10 Jul This underwater minecraft survival map, correctly titled 'Drown' carries with it the imminent risk of dying by, you guessed it, drowning. A challenging map with several underwater spheres to conquer, you'll be spluttering for air for hours on end. Click here to read more and download Drown, minecraft. Hello everybody, im starting a new Minecraft series, its the Survival map called Drown. I hope you all enjoy the video. dont forget to follow me on facebook. I found something that doesn't seem to work underwater, maybe I am doing something wrong..? I know I am probably missing That's the point ;) it's a hardcore survival map, using your Minecraft skills in order to get around! Tunnels, tricks, and kit or something so that players won't drown so easily. But other than that - ITS.

Trapped under water This survival map is about you being trapped inside a submarine. The map is pretty hardcore survival but i have added a few things you can mine so you can build your home. The history is that you were going to test this new submarine for the military but suddenly the motor.



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