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Regular show thanksgiving song download

Regular show thanksgiving song

Broom, Merging. This article has been nominated for merging with: Possible list of songs. Because: Would maybe be better in a list of songs in the show. Please discuss this article's possible merging here. "The Thanksgiving Special" is the twelfth episode in Season 5 (and one hundred- twenty eighth episode overall) of Regular Show. The Thanksgiving characters are also outraged at Buckner, feeling that Mordecai and Rigby's song perfectly embodied all that the holiday stands for, and arrange a truce with Benson, Skips . I love Thanksgiving, but you already know that! What you may not know is that I also have a love and appreciation for pop music! (plays rock tune) And it really rustles my jimmies that there's no Thanksgiving song. That's where you come in! I' m holding a contest at my farm. Whoever writes the best catchy radio-friendly.

Description Mordecai and Rigby sing another epic. (Video). LYRICS: We wrecked our turkey on.



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